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The word “Sunday” in the Bible

The WORD “SUNDAY” in the New Testament I am going to talk about the word “Sunday” in the New Testament […]

I don’t want to go to heaven when I die or when Jesus Returns!

I don’t want to go to heaven when I die or when Jesus Returns! Someone asked me once, “are you […]

Marriage and Divorce

Marriage                  and     Divorce

The Sabbath

The Sabbath is an everlasting feast!

Same Sex Marriage

God emphatically says NO! No same sex marriage no matter how the law of the land defines it. It is […]


“Education is to the mind what light is to the eyes” Ted Ridore   …From Your precepts I get understanding; […]

The Seven Feasts of Yahweh

The Seven Feasts of Yahweh So as we have seen, the first four feasts, (or appointed times), of Israel have […]

Knowledge is Power

Timeline of Ezekiel BOOK OVERVIEW EZEKIEL: “THE GLORY OF THE LORD” “You will know that I am the LORD” PROPHECY […]

Life Management God’s Way

As Christians we need to make decisions that will change our entire life.  These decisions are threefold:   When we […]

Passover or Lord’s Supper?

Should you we partake in the “Lord’s Super” every time we gather to worship our Father? Or how often should […]

Going to Church?

The Church’s Historical Role in Poverty Alleviation Dr. Walter Kaiser Historically, the Church stood at the forefront of giving freely […]

Healing a Hurting Heart God’s Way

Identifying Toxic Relationships, and What Do You Do? I have been trying to understand and heal from a hurting relationship […]

broken heart

Healing From Broken Relationship

Healing from a Broken Relationship I read this wonderful article written on the (Beliefnet, 2017) because I have been suffering […]

The wonder of God!

Are Christian really believe the eyes of God are watching them?  We seem to ignore that the eyes of God […]

The Messiah’s True Name

The Messiah’s Hebrew Name